How can I place an order at MindlezzPleasurez.com?

Choose the item that you wish to purchase, click on "Buy Now" button and make the online payment. Soon, you would receive an order confirmation email from us. This email contains your order and shipment details.

Are there any hidden costs such as delivery charges, taxes etc ?

No, there are no hidden charges.

My order is shown to be in ' Processing' state. What does it mean?

Your order passes through following states before it finally enters the 'Shipped' state: a) Processing: This is the default status for your order and it comes as soon as order is placed. b) Processed: Your order/payment has been approved by our payment gateway. We are ready with the product and the order will be executed as per your specifications. c) Shipped: Your order has been successfully shipped from our end; or d) Cancelled: Your order could not be approved by our payment gateway or we are not in a position to deliver the goods due to some constraints.

 Is my information secure using this site?

Yes, we use the latest technology to ensure your information is secure. To get more information, visit our privacy policy  or Terms of Use page for further information.

 How do I contact you?
Please visit our contact page to see the best ways to get in touch with a mindlezzpleasurez.com or xtremethings.net representative

How do I find items to purchase?

You can use the search box at the top of the screen. This is located in the ordering section of the website. Enter in the item’s description or part of it and the system will search our database of items. Remember to use specific words or the search can produce many items. If you cannot find a particular item, please use the online item request form. If it is an item that is available, we will add it to our website. If it is a special item, we will attempt to locate it for you.