Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Phone Actress Application

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1. First name:  
2. Last name:  
3. Sex:  Choose Sex __Female __Male __Transgender 
4. Date of Birth (You must be 18 or older to apply): Year:  Month:    Day:  
5.Country Location:  North America (Select Country) ___United States ___Canada ___Mexico Europe (Select Country) ----Austria ----Denmark ----France ----Germany ----Hungary ----Iceland ----Ireland ----Italy ----Luxembourg ----Netherlands ----Norway ----Spain ----Sweden ----Switzerland ----United Kingdom Australasia (Select Country) ----Australia ----New Zealand 
6. City and State (or Province, Region): 
7a. Primary telephone number where we can contact you:
North America
(  )    -    Outside North America
7b. Secondary telephone number (optional):
North America
(  )    -    Outside North America

8. When is the best time to contact you? 

9. Yahoo Messenger ID (optional): 
10. AIM Messenger ID (optional): 
11. Have you ever worked as a phone entertainment operator before? Yes    No  
If yes, for how long? 

12. Which companies have you worked for in the past? 
13. Are you with another service right now, or do you have a phone sex line of your own? Yes  No  
If yes, please describe your current position, or personal line: 

14. How many hours do estimate being available each week?  PLEASE SELECT 0 - 15 hours/week 15 -25 hours/week 25 - 35 hours/week 35 - 45 hours/week 45+ hours/week
15. Do you have any realtime or lifestyle BDSM experience? Yes  No  
If yes, please describe: 

16. Are there any fantasies you prefer or are particularly strong with on the phone? 
17. Do you have any taboos?
(Things that you WILL NOT talk about under any circumstance.) 

18. Please list any languages that you speak fluently other than English: 
19. Are you interested in web cam work in addition to the phones? Yes  No  
20. Your primary email address: 
21. When would you be available to start? 
22. Where did you hear about  MindlezzPleasurez.com? 
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San Jose, CA


  1. I'm having trouble filling out the application above.
    I have worked as a phone actress previously & am seeking new employment.
    Please contact me on; +613 (0)421424021.
    With thanks, Sarah-jane.

  2. Thanks for trying to apply, use the contact page and send us your email and we will send you an application.

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